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Why Join the Pine Ridge Civic Association?

Pine Ridge Civic Association is here for you.  In the past few years we have gotten Prosperity paved earlier than anticipated, coordinated gas and water issues in the neighborhood, and many more issues.  

Your Single/Family dues are only $20.  Senior dues are only $15.

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2020-2021 Membership Information Form 

The officers and Board of Directors for the Pine Ridge Civic Association (PRCA) would like your input on what you feel is important to the Pine Ridge community. Listed below are the five areas that are currently the Board's focus. Please help us by adding or subtracting focus areas.

· Community awareness and social opportunities. For example, the annual dinner meeting, monthly E-newsletter with neighborhood news, membership directory, community social activities.

· Representation on development planning committees and land use monitoring, to include Zoning Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan, and Public Facilities Manual Amendments. This provides an awareness of any proposed rezoning requests or construction within or adjacent to our community that will impact our schools, roads and water, including changes to traffic, bike lanes and walking accessibility, and school boundary changes.

· Group leverage to facilitate positive change such as getting Prosperity Avenue repaved, getting a new water main installed on Wynford Drive bringing water [fire hydrants], and gas to the community.

· Road appearance, quality, and safety for Prosperity Ave and all the community streets, to include road cleanup, and maintenance of the PRCA signage areas on Prosperity Ave.

· Conditions of local parks and trails, water and stream quality and control, to include Accotink Creek and all the tributaries that run through or feed our neighborhood creeks. 

Three questions we have for you (please reply to

1. What do you like most about the Pine Ridge community? 

2. What changes would you like to see in the Pine Ridge community? 

3. Which area(s) are you are willing to help with? 

To help us keep our records current, receive a PRCA directory, and to receive our Pine Ridge  E-newsletter (via e-mail); please provide your name, street address, and e-mail address.  Phone number
information is optional.  (Note: You need not be a member to receive the PRCA E-newsletter.)

E-mail your information to MemberInfo@pineridgecivicassociation.orgor mail to PRCA secretary, 3319 Highland Lane, Fairfax, VA 22031. 

1st Person: 

First name _________________________

Last Name _______________________________

Street address _________________________________

Home Phone __________________

Cell Phone ____________________

E-mail ______________________________________________________________ 


First name _________________________

Last Name _______________________________

Street address _________________________________

Home Phone __________________

Cell Phone ____________________

E-mail ______________________________________________________________ 

Send more as needed.


Member Letter

Dear Pine Ridge Neighbor,

Whether you are a long-time resident, a new resident, a renter, or the owner of a rental property, it is to your advantage to know what is happening in Pine Ridge and the surrounding area. That’s why we publish and email our monthly, free-of-charge E-newsletter to all residents who have provided email addresses.  Please consider supporting the work of the Pine Ridge Civic Association (PRCA) by renewing or becoming a regular dues-paying member.  Your PRCA neighbors thank you for your support to our community. 

PRCA Board members work hard each year to identify and resolve issues that concern our community.  Your support is vital to that effort.

This past year we were involved in efforts to —

· Repave Prosperity Avenue and other neighborhood roads 

· Bury electric power lines underground (Highland Lane., Crestview Drive, Overbrook Road, Hillside Place, and Morningside Drive)

· Clean up trash along Prosperity Avenue

· Have the water main on the South end of Wynford replaced

· Bring natural gas to about 25 homes on Prosperity Avenue and Glenbrook Place

· Monitor the maintenance of the storm water retention pond behind the Community Services Mental Health building at 8221 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive 

· Evaluate zoning ordinance proposals (e.g. short-term lodging) that could impact Pine Ridge 

· Continue to monitor proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan (land use) 

· Evaluate requested changes to the Exxon/Mobil site and Fairview Park North

This coming year we will be working towards —

· Evaluating solutions for keeping our community entrances well maintained

· Continuing to monitor placement of utilities underground

· Building a Pine Ridge emergency management team in cooperation with Fairfax County

· Continuing the effort to bring Fairfax water and fire hydrants to parts of our community 

· Finding solutions to traffic safety issues at the Medical Center on Prosperity and Route 50

· Evaluating zoning ordinance proposals (e.g. accessory dwelling units & home occupations) that could impact Pine Ridge

· Continuing to monitor proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan (land use)

· Evaluating how the County will continue providing transparency and opportunities for citizen input 

· Evaluating ways to continue to meet while still “social distancing”


PRCA provides you with opportunities to — 

· Stay informed of neighborhood events and concerns via our E-newsletter 

· Participate in activities that make the Pine Ridge community better

· Meet neighbors at monthly PRCA Board meetings, periodic Meet & Greet socials, the Annual Membership Dinner in May, and National Night Out in August (these will change based on new social distancing guidelines)

· Connect with neighbors using our printed Pine Ridge Neighborhood Directory.

PRCA Membership

Membership is $20 per household and $15 for senior households.  Dues are payable each year by June 15 for the year beginning July 1 and ending June 30. Dues are used to—

· Update, print, and mail the neighborhood directory [every two years]

· Pay host and domain name fees for our website:  

· Pay Virginia State Corporation Commission fees

· Subsidize the Annual Membership Meeting/Dinner [TBD due to coronavirus]

· Host periodic Meet & Greet socials [TBD due to coronavirus]

· Maintain our entrance signs and the surrounding landscape. 

As more residents become involved, we can make significant improvements in the attractiveness and safety of our neighborhood. So please join your neighbors by supporting the PRCA.  Also, consider attending our monthly PRCA Board meetings to learn about your community, the impact of planned commercial development, and residential zoning changes. PRCA Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month.  Information about attending in person or on-line will be provided in the PRCA E-newsletter and on the PRCA website.

To join PRCA—or renew your PRCA membership—you have two options to pay:

1) By E-Mail.  Send the information requested in the Membership Information Form to MemberInfo@pinreridgecivicassociation.organd pay online using any major credit card or PayPal at OR 

2) By US Mail. Complete the enclosed form and return it with your check to: PRCA Secretary, 3319 Highland Lane, Fairfax, VA 22031 ATTN: MemberInfo

When paying dues please include dues for both years 2019 - 2020 and 2020 - 2021 if you have not already paid for 2019 – 2020 membership.

An additional way to connect with neighbors is Pine Ridge NextDoor/Facebook group. On-line social groups have become more important than ever in allowing us to stay in touch. Please consider joining Pine Ridge NextDoor. Send your address to  Amy Angel will verify that you live in Pine Ridge and add you to the Pine Ridge group. 


Michelle Gildea

President  - PRCA Board

----------------------------Thank you for your continued support! ----------------------