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Please be aware, in Fairfax County, you are not allowed to park on the hard surface of a road when no curb is present.  If you do, you are subject to ticketing.

Also, we want to make you aware that Fairfax County no longer takes glass bottles in the recycling.  (They were messing up their machines.)

Know What to Do During the Next Tornado Warning


 From the Director, External Communications Greg Licamele, Fairfax County Government Agency

We may not live in Tornado Alley but last week's confirmed tornado in Reston is a frightening reminder that they can and do happen here. Were you in the area when the tornado hit? Did you receive the warning and know to seek shelter immediately? Make sure you're not caught off guard when a tornado warning is issued. Learn more about how to stay safe when there's another tornado warning in the county, including in a home, tall building, outside and more: http://bit.ly/2UTG9b6

Pine Ridge E-Press Newsletter


We  welcome anyone who would like to do our Pine Ridge Newsletter.  We would like to publish it about 3-4 times a year, or if you like, monthly.  Currently, there is no one in this position, so your volunteering would help greatly.  Many times people will send you articles to put into the newsletter.  Contact President@pineridgecivicassociation.org for more details and to volunteer for this position.

Feeding the Deer with Your Landscaping

 Having problems with the deer eating everything in your yard? Who would have thought Irish Spring bar soap? The directions I've found are: chop it up in your blender (or CAREFULLY shave it with a knife) and sprinkle it AROUND (not in)  your flower bed area. 

Flu Shots

Flu  shots will be provided by the Fairfax County Health Department.  The cost  is $25 and Medicare Part B is accepted. To ensure adequate supply of vaccines  available, please register with Connolly’s District Office at  703-256-3071  or 703-256-3071

Membership Coordinator Needed

Your help is needed to keep our membership current.  Most of the work is already done.  Contact President@PineRidgeCivicAssociation.org to volunteer for this position.