Helping to Get Through the Quarantine

.... and Neighboring in the Face of COVID-I9

Recently, most of us have experienced dramatic change in the amount of face-to-face interactions we have with people at work, school, and church. At the same time, more people are out walking in our neighborhoods than ever before. As a result, we have a unique opportunity to build connections with the people that live near us that will make a big difference in their lives, and in ours. The key is learning how to maintain six feet apart by using virtual tools!

Given these very difficult times, your Pine Ridge Civic Association Board would like to help.  At the April 1, 2020 PRCA meeting, the board discussed ways to constructively occupy our time and possibly check in on our neighbors.  Here are some suggestions:


We are looking for volunteers to offer ‘Virtual Events’.  With so many people sheltering in place for the quarantine we thought that it would be nice for those of you with special interests or talents to offer to share those interests or talents with others.  Please see the list below for what you will need to provide for your Virtual Event. If you would like to volunteer to hold a Virtual Event please email us at 

  • PRCA Virtual Event Guidelines:
    • The date and amount of time for event (15 min – 60 min slots)
    • Topic (reading, math, art, music, crafts etc)
    • Name of event (i.e. Scrapbook Basics – session 1)
    • A content agenda 
    • Name of presenter
    • Contact info (email and phone number)
    • Recommended ages
    • If you will want to have a moderator and use one of the PRCA Zoom links (subject to availability) OR If you will use your own Zoom account 

Note:  The links to Virtual Events will be posted on our PRCA website


  • We are also looking for a person to be a phone contact for people without a computer to provide 'Help Map' HELP for Non-Computer Users. This person would take phone calls from people without a computer and then look at the 'Help Map' on the to either locate help offered or ask for help that matches the callers needs. 
  • If you know of a neighbor WHO MAY NOT BE COMPUTER SAVVY OR MAY NOT HAVE A COMPUTER AT ALL you can give them our Community Point of Contact for the ‘Help Map’ is:  Monique Pelletier - 786.556.4461
    Monique will act as a switchboard operator and will connect the person calling with help offered on the Help Map of Nextdoor and/or the Board Communications Chair.

There are also several resources already out there.  Here are just a few:

Pine Ridge Next Door

  • Pine Ridge can help you to stay informed.  
    • People share valued information about everything from lost dogs to digital maps that offer help of various types.  
    • The ‘Help Map’ is a digital map of your community and others close by that allows you to either 
      • Offer Help or 
      • Get Help Check it out: 


  • Membership is free and they are offering virtual activities of all kinds; mostly for adults 


Fairfax County Library - 

  • At this time, Fairfax Public Library is offering their remote access learning for free. Please note that THIS LINK is case sensitive

Fairfax County Library LinkedIn Learning - 

  • requires a user to enter their library card number and their password to gain access to the thousands of classes.  With for Libraries Fairfax County Public Library card holders now have access to 10,000 online courses geared toward business, technology and creative fields.

Miscellanous courses on a variety of topics -  

  • Get a two week trial membership for free.  Remember courses here will have a cost associated after the two week trial. 


Reach out to these neighbors over the phone or by e-mail. Your phone message or conversation or email could be:

My name is [INSERT YOUR NAME] and I live two doors down from you on [INSERT YOUR ADDRESS]. I just want you to know that I am willing to help if you need anything. My family and I feel healthy and we will be sure to wash our hands and wipe down anything that you might need us to bring you. It would be great to talk on the phone or text message when you have a chance. My cell phone number is [INSERT YOUR PHONE #].  Thanks,  [INSERT YOUR NAME]

If you don't have their contact information and you are well, you could knock on their door, take a few steps back, and introduce yourself and ask if they need anything.  If they are interested, set a reminder on your phone to check in with them on a regular basis.

[NOTE:  As always, social distancing and hygiene are needed. Wear a facemask and wash your hands before and after delivering an item.  Also, wipe everything down to sanitize it before delivering it to them.]


One-minute conversations are a big deal when it comes to building relationships in our neighborhood. Get to know new neighbors or say hi to those you’ve known for a while; from a distance of course.  If your neighbors are newer maybe set a goal to know three new ones each week etc.

Asking short, thoughtful questions could be good conversation starters:

  • How are you and your family doing in light of all of the changes?
  • Is there anything that you need or that I could help with?
  • How has this impacted your job and your company?
  • Have you been able to find the supplies that you need like food, toilet paper, cleaners, etc?

Don't hesitate to ask for help or to share how you are doing.